Another 18-Wheeler Pile Up

A disastrous car accident that occurred in New Orleans late last week attracted national attention for the devastation it caused. A total of 63 people were harmed in the accident, which caused a pileup of cars, vans and 18-wheelers.

The accident happened on Interstate 10 when drivers entered a patch of dense fog or smoke. Apparently, drivers could not see at all and began to smash into each other. Drivers who survived the terrifying incident said they were plunged into “utter darkness” and could not see the headlights of other vehicles. One woman said it was as if the cars in front of the vehicle she and her husband were in had “dropped off the face of the Earth.”

Two men were killed and 61 more were injured. Late last week, seven people were in critical condition at a nearby hospital. An additional 37 people refused treatment for insignificant injuries and one firefighter was hurt during rescue effort. The cause or source of the fog or smoke has not yet been identified.

The stretch of road where the disaster occurred is heavily trafficked with commuters coming from New Orleans’ suburbs and the Gulf Coast.

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