Drunken Truck Drag Race Kills Elderly Man

What happens when two people decide to drunkenly race each other in dump trucks? Innocent bystanders and their families suffer. The answer seems pretty obvious but the drivers of the vehicles did not think out their irresponsible actions beyond stepping on the pedal. An 86-year-old man is dead and his 84-year-old wife is in critical condition because two individuals decided to have fun at the expense of others.

The fatal car accident in OH occurred Monday night in Syosset, New York. According to police a landscaper and another driver were in two different landscaping dump trucks at a red light. At the change of the signal both drivers floored their respective trucks in drag race fashion. The crash occurred on the Jericho Turnpike when one of the dump trucks crossed over the center line and slammed head-on into the elderly couple’s car. The driver of the other landscaping dump truck did not stop at the scene of the accident.

Only the elderly woman could be saved from wreckage of the couple’s destroyed Mercedes. According to a Car accident attorney the woman’s neck and legs are broken. The woman’s husband was killed during the crash. According to investigators the 32-year-old driver of the landscaping truck that hit the couple was under the influence and had a bottle of vodka in his truck.

The 32-year-old driver was charged with manslaughter, vehicular homicide, driving under the influence and reckless driving. Experience in dealing with similar cases E Orum Personal Injury. Last year, the 32-year-old’s driver’s license was suspended because of another drunken driving charge. Police are still searching for the driver of the other dump truck.

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