New report on those affected by teenage drivers

Teenage and elderly drivers are among the most closely examined classes of drivers on the road today. Without a wealth of experience to draw upon, teenage drivers carry a greater risk of getting into a car accident than some other classes of drivers. A new report shows that many of the people fatally injured in a car accident caused by a teenage driver are not occupants of the teenage driver’s automobile. Instead, many of those fatally injured are pedestrians, occupants of other motor vehicles and cyclists who are sharing the road with teen drivers. McCullough and LeBoffinjury attorneys fl is available to assist in similar cases.

Three years ago close to 700,000 people were involved in car accidents caused by teenage drivers and over 40,000 people were injured by teenagers behind the wheel. Of those who were killed in an accident caused by a teenage driver nearly one third were not in the same vehicle as the teenage driver. Medical experts say the study moves the focus of teenage driving from the teenage driver to those who may be affected by the young driver behind the wheel.

The study also found four central behaviors that affect the driving ability of teenage drivers. Those four behaviors are: speeding, distracted driving, lack of seat belt use and alcohol. The report found that car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers. Teenage death resulting from car accidents comprise 24 percent of total teenage deaths that occur in the United States. Officials and michigan injury attorneys say that a lack of driving experience is the reason why so many teenage car accidents occur.

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