Real Estate, Development / Construction, Business Practice and Corporate Practice

Our cliff cohen wills and trusts lawyer is expert in real estate law and represent clients in every type of real estate litigation. The firm represents buyers and sellers in breach of contract, fraud, non-disclosure and defect claims. The firm represents developers and contractors in contract and tort claims, including payment disputes, mechanics’ liens, and construction defect claims. The firm represents real estate brokers and agents in professional negligence, contract and payments disputes. The firm represents residential and commercial property owners in disputes over access to or use of property, easement, landlord-tenant and neighbor disputes, planning and zoning problems and development and construction issues.

The firm’s real estate practice extends beyond litigation and includes reviewing contracts and leases, representing buyers and sellers in purchase transactions, and representing landlords and tenants in leases. We encourage our clients and prospective clients to consult us at the outset of a transaction or dispute as the best results can often be obtained early in the process when troubles can best be eliminated or mitigated.

Our firm’s debt litigation practice includes all manner of business disputes from simple sales of goods contract breaches to complex partnership and corporate controversies. We represent partners, shareholders, developers, and investors in every description of business altercation from management and operation matters to dissolution.

The firm’s business and corporate practice includes the formation of business entities. This service begins with a careful examination of the choice of business entity and follows through with the drafting of operating agreements and bylaws, disclosure statements, prospectuses and subscription agreements and other documents needed to form and fund the chosen entity, whether it be a including corporation, partnership or limited liability company. The firm is frequently retained to review contracts and other business documents and advise clients regarding rights and remedies and to assist in the drafting of key contracts and agreements. The firm acts as advisor, drafter and negotiator as the needs of our business and individual clients dictate.

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